Meet The D-Mic Crew

Mr Demic Aka Dario Demico

Mr Demic is Chief Executive of D-mic-productions.

Executive Producer and Studio manager Mr Demic helps run every aspect of the music attributed to the Label.

Involved in Hip-hop culture since the start. He Raps, produce's and DJ/Mix and is involved in all true aspects of Hip-hop culture.

Mr Demic has also been producing All Genres of music from Soul, Rock, Reggae, house, dnb to pop since the Labels creation.


Daysta is a emcee from the innercity streets of Bristol UK.
Daysta started emceeing at live events over 20 years ago and has helped create D-Mic-productions as a Hip-Hop Crew, a production company to todays independent  Record Label.

Daysta helps with Artist mangement, Artwork and music production.

2 tommy.jpg

Tcmaddas aka Tommy Cupid aka Tcmpromotions has been down with D-mic since the early days of its creation.

I started out as a Hip-Hop DJ playing many live events around the Uk in the 1990s and in the 2000s I began to explore creating beats and music production.

I now help out in every aspect of the label from Production, Promotion and Artwork.