Meet The D-Mic Crew

Mr Demic Aka Dario Demico

Mr Demic is Chief Executive of D-mic-productions.

Executive Producer and Studio manager Mr Demic helps run every aspect of the music attributed to the Label.

Involved in Hip-hop culture since the start. He Raps, produce's and DJ/Mix and is involved in all true aspects of Hip-hop culture.

Mr Demic has also been producing All Genres of music from Soul, Rock, Reggae, house, dnb to pop since the Labels creation.

Micky Michels

Micky Michels is Label Manager, helping to run the day to day mechanics of D-mic. 

Micky manages Artists, Gigs/live performance, Legal contracts and Accountancy and is a integral part of D-mic-productions.


Daysta is a emcee from the innercity streets of Bristol UK.
Daysta started emceeing at live events over 20 years ago and has helped create D-Mic-productions as a Hip-Hop Crew, a production company to todays independent  Record Label.

Daysta helps with Artist mangement, Artwork and music production.


Tcmaddas aka Tommy Cupid aka Tcmpromotions has been down with D-mic since the early days of its creation.

I started out as a Hip-Hop DJ playing many live events around the Uk in the 1990s and in the 2000s I began to explore creating beats and music production.

I now help out in every aspect of the label from Production, Promotion and Artwork. 

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